1. Group Leader Training
    Where: At Your Event
    When: A Date Convenient to You
    Leader training can be as short as one hour or as long as a three-day retreat. In most cases, it occurs in a half-day or full-day format. The content can be customized to meet your needs; it may focus on basic small group leadership skills or equip people to lead missional community. Let's talk.
  2. On-site Consulting
    Where: In Your Context
    When: At Your Convenience
    Consulting is designed to support church leaders in three things: 1. Ascertain an accurate picture of your church’s current needs 2. Develop a clear vision for how to move toward the development of community and mission in your context 3. Discover a contextualized strategy for how to move your church from the current reality toward your vision of community and mission
  3. Pastoral Leadership Coaching
    Where: Phone or Video Meetings
    When: Once Per Month
    Personalized phone or video chat coaching to address the specific needs of your congregation. An initial conversation will determine the focus of the conversations. Most commonly the focus lies on one of the following: • Future Church Discovery • Small Group and Missional Community Development • Leadership Development
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Contact Us for More Information
Contact Us for More Information