The Spirit Forms People for Beautiful Living  

"How is your church facilitating the formation of beauty in people? This question has the potential to shift the discipleship and spiritual formation conversation."
The Spirit is shaping the people of God to possess the character of God so that we can live out God's hopes and dreams in the reality of our local contexts. Church formation, group formation, and leadership formation are really different ways of talking about spiritual formation.

People are formed through an interactive combination of three things:

  • Gospel Perspective—The story of God in Christ is the story that shapes our perspective.
  • "Spirit"-ual Practices—Spiritual disciplines shape our habits, which in turn, shape our character and as such, they form us to live into the Gospel perspective.
  • Personal Presence—God's presence with us in Christ by the Spirit raises us to be with God and shapes us to be with each other.

How We Help
• Training events and preaching on spiritual formation topics (contact us for more information)
• Leadership coaching and consulting on the development of a spiritual formation culture in the church

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