A Different Way to Think About Groups 

"Community is about relationships. It's about living in love. That's why you cannot copy some group program developed by another church."
Every church has groups. They are just a natural part of the order of life, and therefore a natural way for organizations to organize. The question is whether or not groups are on a path to discoving the beautiful way of Jesus. While there are a plethora of grouping options (labeled both small groups and missional communities), almost every one offers a specific structure or program for you to implement as a kind of blueprint to copy.

The approach offered here is different. Instead of a group program, we offer a process that helps you discover your unique way to group people. Various small group options that have been developed over the last 30 years are parts in a toolbox which can be customized to fit your local situation, your context, and your tradition.

How We Help
Our grouping process empowers churches to: 
• Develop a unique grouping strategy
• Get people connected in community
• Experiment with creative missional group expressions
• Develop leaders