Leadership that is Beautiful

"What if there is a way to be a spiritual leader that is full of grace, free from performance, and fits the way God made you to live? Isn't that question worth pursuing?"
​Vocational pastors and volunteer leaders face the question of what it means to lead the church in a new era, just as they are trying to ask question about the future of the church. Leaders need formation in three areas:

Technical Formation: New techniques and skills are needed to accomplish clear goals for a new era.

Adaptive Formation: Adaptive leadership is about asking new questions when facing a new challenge so that those involved can discover new and unique solutions.

Spiritual Formation: Leaders need to develop spiritual practices for the sake of the care of their own souls.

How We Help
Our Leadership Formation Process Helps Pastors and Leaders:

• Address both technical and adaptive challenges
• Organize effective leadership oversight
• Develop spiritual leadership disciplines
• Discover personal passions and strengths

Leading Small Groups in the Way of Jesus (Note: while these principles are applied to small group leadership, they apply to any form of leadership.)