Discover God's Future for Your Church 

"There are many who tell you what your church should look like. But few provide a process for getting there."
Many over the past twenty years have been calling for new expressions of the church in order to join in the mission of the triune God. Church leaders today are realizing that the kind of church that they once worked well for previous generations is coming up against cultural patterns that challenge its effectiveness. It's as if the church has travelled a path to the edge of a huge river which leaves them with three options.

Option #1: Return to the past and retrace steps along the previous journey by trying to get back to what once worked.

Option #2: Look for a bridge that will get them across the river, which means following a model or strategy that has been developed by innovative leaders.

Option #3: Step into the river and trust the Spirit of God to re-create the church for a new era.

While there are many resources for the first two options, fewer exist for Option #3. And those that do exist are often strong on theory and weak on practical implementation. The process we provide offers a practical path for a church to enter into the waters of the Spirit in order to discern how God is leading local congregations to live out and embody the Gospel in unique ways that fit their local context.

How We Help
Our church discovery process equips congregations to:
  • Discern the Spirit's leading into the future
  • Embrace a set of practices for spiritual formation
  • Experiment with ways to engage the local context to express the gospel
  • Develop a clear path and a next-steps strategy so that the church can develop its own contextual model