CCM is a non-profit organization that specializes in helping churches discover where God is at work to create a new future. We support churches, pastorsĀ  and leaders discern and develop a customized process that will lead them into the beautiful future that Jesus has for them.

We specialize in fostering environments where churches and their leaders can discern the unique story that God is telling in local congregations. We help God's people understand what God has been doing, what God is now doing, what God wants to do. Our expertise lies in four areas: church systems, group formation, leadership development, and spiritual formation.

The tools that are used have been arisen from over 20 years of research, training, and consulting.

Who We Are
Scott Boren serves as president and is the primary consultant and coach who works with churches to develop a unique path for discovery in the way that Jesus has for each church. He has been serving as a trainer, researcher, writer and consultant for over 20 years. Scott began this work by primarily focusing on the development of healthy small groups, resulting in multiple publications. The research into group systems led him to develop expertise in change leadership, healthy church leadership patterns, church and God's mission, and personal discipleship or spiritual formation. His research has demonstrated that these various aspects of church life are interconnected, and therefore the future of any local church involves the discovery of how God is at work in all them together. Scott is the author of ten books and is now writing three more. He is in the final stages of completing his doctorate at Luther Seminary.

Shawna Boren is an expert communicator and speaker, focusing primarily in offering a message of hope found in God's love and presence. She has served as a youth pastor, a connecting pastor, and preacher in multiple churches. She is currently writing a book entitled Surprised by the Hope of God, which weaves her personal story about God's redemption from a challenging and complex childhood situation with biblical stories of God's surprising salvation from hopelessness. To hear her share part of her story, you can listen or watch here .

What We Do
We offer preaching, training, church consulting, leadership coaching, and written resources to help churches discover God's customized way forward into the future.

Our Foundational Beliefs
  • God is three who is one, Father, Son, Spirit who eternally live in self-giving unity with each other as the one God. Therefore God is personal and relational.
  • Jesus reveals the character of God, which is scandalous and foolish because Jesus suffered and died on a cruel cross.
  • The Spirit is sent to draw us into the life of the Son before the Father.
  • God has a church who lives by the Spirit with the Son before the Father, to put on display the beautiful love of God, a sign, witness and foretaste of God's dream for the world.
  • People were created to relate in nonviolent love, and such relationships are fostered in groups.
  • God gave leaders to the church to create environments whereby the people of God can discover how the Spirit is forming them and leading them to participate in God's triune life.
  • The Spirit forms us by leading us into spiritual disciplines whereby our capacity for participating in God's life expands.

"There are many who tell you what your church should look like. But few provide a process for getting there."